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iva   27 May 2017



this is to inform the general public that there is a traditional herpes medication.discover by dr azaka
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2. Cancer
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5. Brings My Ex back
6. Leprosy
8. Bubonic Plague
9. Cerebrovascular Disease
10. Lower Respiratory Infections
11. Syphilis
12. Influenza A-H1N1 (Swine Flu)
13. Ischemic Heart Disease
14. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
15. Whooping Cough
16. Perinatal Complications
17. Diarrhea
18.. Lung Cancer
19. Influenza
20. childlesness
21. Measle
22.metal problems. ..
NOTE ----- i hereby inform you today, that no virus infection diseases.
what to take someones life if proper herbs medicine is been applied.
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Jenny malcome   20 April 2017

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Features & profiles : Australia's herpes epidemic

Elizabeth   20 April 2017

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Features & profiles : Australia's herpes epidemic

JULIET   1 April 2017

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Features & profiles : Australia's herpes epidemic

Cassie Burgess Pepitone   20 March 2017

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Features & profiles : Australia's herpes epidemic

Maggie Smith   27 September 2016

I loved this book...I had a copy many years ago and have lost it as I moved around a bit. Do you know where I could possibly get another. I have asked Wakefield press and no luck there. Please get back to me . Thankyou Maggie Smith

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John   27 April 2016

Why would a hematologist know anything about the effects of blood groups on foods? microbiome? digestive secretions? intestinal glycosylation? That's like thinking that just because someone lives in Virginia they must be an expert on the American CIvil War. Knowing Dr D'Adamo no one ever asked me him to respond to anything, that if the request was made in a civil manner, was refused. As far as paleobiologists go, there is considerable evidence that A disappeared quite a while ago and reappeared only very recently. In fact this work was done by Saitou, the same researcher who determined the molecular history of ABO genomics.

Health, psychology & science stories : The Blood Type Diet and Peter D'Adamo

endlesspeace   3 March 2015

Another deluded ex-premie. Despite all the peace and bliss you yourself admit to experiencing through maharaji's gift you spend your life trying to denounce him. You are a sad bunch.

Features & profiles : Blinded By the Light (Maharaji)

Prue Hemming   17 January 2015

Hi John, how are you!
I found your site and read about all your adventures. Great republishing Propinquity with good reviews. As you know I have the first edition.
Blinded by the Light ...you were always ahead of your time.

Features & profiles : Blinded By the Light (Maharaji)

Sarah buchanan   5 June 2013

Beautiful John. She certainly was a wondrous force to be reckoned with!

Obituaries : Carol Joan Page

Kerry   25 April 2013

This is the most penetrating analysis of this author's work that I've ever read. LOL

Fiction reviews : Naguib Mahfouz - Palace Walk