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John Howard enters the US election campaign

13 February 2007

John Howard has attacked a policy he believes to be "contrary to Australia's security interests" - namely Senator Obama's mooted Iraq withdrawal.

I am at a loss to understand the Prime Minister's logic. Surely Australia's security is in far greater danger from our staying in Iraq than from our leaving it.

Forget morality and international law - let's look at sheer self-interest. Does anyone on either side of politics now doubt that the Iraq occupation has made Australia's international enemies more numerous and more virulent?

The occupation has put Australia - its infrastructure, nuclear facilities, trains, planes and population - on the hitlists of terrorists domestic and foreign. The security of millions has been endangered. It has reduced the number and strength of our international friendships. And it has reduced the clout of our most important ally.

Iraq is now in a state of a civil war that cannot be contained by any number of Coalition forces. 

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