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Partitioning Iraq

29 April 2007

Re a David Nason blog on partitioning Iraq:

You're probably right: partition is all that's left.

Given that the advice given by 'leftist extremists', 'student rent-a-crowds' and 'appeasers of the dictator' in 2003 has turned out to be correct (that the Iraq venture would end in death and disaster), and the advice given by the Australian's armchair foreign affairs experts  (we are defending democracy, a blow to world terrorism, Saddam has WMDs, a democratic Iraq will be a beacon to the Middle East, etc) has proven to be so tragically wrong, splitting the place up and getting the hell out seems the only option.

Can anyone nominate another one that does not require a trip through the looking glass into fantasy?

The Turks are getting used to the idea of the Kurds having a homeland now; and even if Saudi and Iran divvied up the rest, it could hardly be worse than the mess we have now created.

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