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How I stopped smoking

5 May 2007

To The Times, re an article on smoking cessation:

I tried cutting down slowly, cold turkey, hypnosis (3 times), Alan Carr (several times, via all of his books), patches, gum, willpower, religion and fear.

In 30 years nothing worked till I found Gillian Riley. Quitting via her 'How To Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good' took a matter of days. It actually forced me face to face with the problem - it seems you can't avoid it or wish it away - and to engage with it (and retrain my frontal cortex, if you want the detail). 

If I were a smoker reading the adjoining articles I would be depressed, because the advice comes across as a bit glib. (I guess that's the breathless brevity of journalism.) You will not give up smoking by plugging in your iPod and whistling a happy tune. But you will give yourself an excellent chance by immersing yourself in Riley's book - then immersing yourself in it again - then giving it your best shot.

I had one night of cold sweats, a week of pangs - then nothing. Not a twitch since. That was 17/1/06.

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