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Therese and Isabelle

12 May 1968

I was all alone in a new, disciplined multi-walled life,
Left by my family in the care of harsh strangers.
Then your warmth accosted me as a fire in a cold cabin.
You were the only one who cared in that dank place of irrelevant souls.
My being rapidly filled with your affections,
And the smell of your skin replaced my mother's estrangement.
Then our greeting kisses became a little fonder
And in my joy I didn't care if right or wrong.
Soon you were everything to me and
I only lived when we embraced.
It was perfect. We were never seen
Though we loved in dormitories between your
Blue-stamped school sheets; we loved
In the leaves deep in the woods,
In the Chapel at recess, and
All through Mathematics with our eyes.
Then it all passed.

Your mother drove you away without a word
And in twenty years I haven't heard
From you Isabelle.
I saw the old school today Isabelle.
I saw the dark old toilet room
Where we once stood with hair all messed,
Hands entwined and breast to breast.
It's been quite a while hasn't it Isabelle?
Wherever you are.
Since the last time I saw you
So many terms ago
No-one has been able to teach me how to love again.

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